Exhibition Logistics

Carvan Corporation is highly experienced in orchestrating the full range of logistics services required by event organizers and exhibitors. This includes the professional transport of bulky exhibits from customer’s factory to delivery to the booth.

Whether you’re an exhibitor or you run exhibitions, you need to talk to our Exhibition Logistics team now. We will manage your entire project for you, cost effectively and, above all, with the highest levels of professionalism.

Carvan Corporation employs a talented team of over 30 customs clearance and logistics specialists, many of whom can claim more than 30 years with the Carvan Corporation family. Our employees take pride in their hard work and share a common vision to provide customers with the best service available. As its greatest asset, Carvan Corporation invests in excellent people, who contribute to a unique culture of teamwork, courtesy, efficiency and expertise.

In today’s global marketplace, you need a logistics partner who can connect far-flung suppliers, vendors and customers. One who spans continents, currencies and customs. Carvan Corporation is that partner.