Our Services

Our Services includes below mentioned services, but we are obviously not limited to these few only. Our priority is client satisfaction, up to the last mile.

  • Consultancy
  • Freight Management
  • Customs Clearing
  • Project Clearing
  • Post Clearing
  • Legal
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Exhibition Logistics


We offer unparalleled consultancy services to our clients on matters related to Contracts for Import and Export, Bank Documentation, Tax Registration Customs, Sales Tax and Import / Export Laws and Procedures.

We also assist our clients in preparation of Import /Export documents so that delays and complications at the time of clearance of goods are avoided.

Total Freight Management


We provide total freight management solution to our clients. Either it is import on FOB Basis or Export on LCL we do it all regardless of the volume of consignment.

We also arrange door to door delivery of consignments on competitive rates. From destination port to upcountry or vice versa from upcountry to land bound destination around the world we can arrange freight forwarding for our clients

We offer our clients a comprehensive and complete logistics package. Cost effectiveness, speed and reliability are central to our customer service pledge.

Customs Clearance


As a Custom House Agent with Custom House Agents License No. 446 one of the initial numbers of its series, we are well versed with updated customs regulations and procedures and backed by experience of over 36 years, we can handle clearance of Import / Export shipments with ease and efficiency.

Our custom clearance related service includes advice to our clients in preparation of final Import / Export related documents, completion of appraisement and examination formalities and payments.

The consignments after completion of custom formalities are either shipped / delivered to the client’s warehouse or are dispatched to the upcountry destination under our supervision.

We have experience of handling all sorts of imports whether temporary or on permanent basis cleared on payment of duty and taxes or under various exemption notifications.

Our expertises includes but are not limited to Machinery, Spares of Machinery, CNG fuelling stations, Chemicals, Edible Items like Spices, Dry Fruits, Crude Drugs, Raw Cotton, Textile Yarns, Textile Garments and many others.

Project Clearing

At Carvan Corporation we also specialize in custom clearance and transportation of project cargo. All project work at Carvan Corporation is carried out within our quality assurance guidelines and procedures and our clients trust us to fulfill their high expectations in getting their consignments safely to the destination.

Post Clearing


Post Clearing Services such as processing of refunds, duty drawbacks, release of bank guarantees and Indemnity Bonds and follow-up of cases referred to the valuation branch are also being handled by Carvan Corporation in order to provide a complete package of custom clearance related services to our clients.


Legal advice relating to Customs, Sales Tax and Import / Export matters is available to our clients. We possess necessary expertise and knowledge to prepare and contest legal cases up to Collector (Adjudication) level, and can also help and assist attorneys engaged by our clients on professional matters in cases where Tribunal and Higher Courts are involved.


We have our own private warehouses and can also arrange storage of imported goods on competitive charges at a number of Public Bonded Warehouse associated with Ryan.



We have our own fleet of vehicles for local delivery of goods. However for containerized deliveries, heavy lifts, over dimension machinery and for goods meant for upcountry destinations we engage experienced transport companies associated with us.

Exhibition Logistics

Carvan Corporation is highly experienced in orchestrating the full range of logistics services required by event organizers and exhibitors. This includes the professional transport of bulky exhibits from customer’s factory to delivery to the booth.

Whether you’re an exhibitor or you run exhibitions, you need to talk to our Exhibition Logistics team now. We will manage your entire project for you, cost effectively and, above all, with the highest levels of professionalism.

Carvan Corporation employs a talented team of over 30 customs clearance and logistics specialists, many of whom can claim more than 30 years with the Carvan Corporation family. Our employees take pride in their hard work and share a common vision to provide customers with the best service available. As its greatest asset, Carvan Corporation invests in excellent people, who contribute to a unique culture of teamwork, courtesy, efficiency and expertise.

In today’s global marketplace, you need a logistics partner who can connect far-flung suppliers, vendors and customers. One who spans continents, currencies and customs. Carvan Corporation is that partner.

End-to-End Services

Carvan Corporation designs and operates global supply chains that deliver products to everywhere you need them. Our innovative end-to-end solutions use data connectivity for greater visibility and control.Carvan Corporation provides the resources necessary to support your supply chain. Services include shipment consolidation and deconsolidation, global freight forwarding and customs management, regional warehousing and distribution networks and IT solutions that increase supply chain performance and reduce costs.


As premier service International Freight Forwarders, Carvan Corporation, leads the track in providing the best compromise between cost, speed and reliability. The process of designing and executing strategic logistics plans has earned for Carvan Corporation a Worldwide network of the “Best of Breed” Global Alliance Partners.

Carvan Corporation strives to maintain its leadership in providing seamless logistics services and effective supply chain management solutions to our clients, along with state-of-the-art IT solutions to streamline operational efficiency and full shipment visibility. Carvan Corporation’s assurance to deliver excellence in quality and reliable services has diversified in bond relationships with copious clientele in all types of industries for instance Textiles and Pharmaceuticals.

As an accredited intermediary in your logistics chain, we keep the promise you gave to your customers- JUST-IN-TIME. We are therefore confident in saying that whatever your International logistics requirements, you will find that Carvan Corporation is……FAR AND AWAY YOUR BEST MOVE.